Region V Fall Conference

Engineering the Revolution

October 24 - 27, 2019  |  St. Louis, Missouri
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Bionka Barryer



Greetings to MY lovely Region,


I am Bionka Barryer, your Region V Fall Regional Conference Chairperson. Studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (GO RUNNERS!), I am a student that can say NSBE has transformed my life. I’ve grown into a more professional woman, let my personality shine on the REB, and gained a new family across the Region. 


This year’s Fall Regional Conference theme is “Engineering the Revolution”. The theme is broken down into 4 parts, Societal Revolution, Cultural Revolution, Industrial Revolution, and Personal Revolution. I want the conference to not only showcase these parts through workshops and events, but I would love to see my vision “Connect the Dots” come to life as well. “Connect the Dots” is my way of making sure that we are truly connected no matter what state we are in. Region V is known for our family atmosphere and I want to make sure that the family stretches over all the states in the Region. 


I can’t wait to see all my family together again in St. Louis! VANGUARD REGION, VANGUARD REGION!!


Kindest Regards,


Bionka Barryer

Region V Fall Regional Conference Chairperson



The annual Fall Regional Conference is in    St. Louis, MO this year. This is a great opportunity for membership.

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Engineering the Revolution

Region V Fall Regional Conference

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